Greg was raised in both Somers and Stafford Springs and proudly attended St. Edwards School, Stafford Middle School & Stafford High School. 

At Stafford High, he was Captain of the wrestling team and in his senior year joined the football team as well. He was a strong member in the school’s drama club, and wrestling and theatre were central to his formation. As a three-year captain of the wrestling team, he learned the value of leadership and being there for his teammates. Being in theatrical productions and performing pushed Greg out of his comfort zone and helped challenge him creatively. 

Before transferring to UConn, Greg also attended American International College two years, where he also wrestled and acted. During his time there, he started coaching and became an assistant on the Stafford High wrestling team. 

After UConn, Greg moved to Boston to work in hospitality management. His career has focused on management of hotels and small businesses, coming back to Stafford where he helped again with the football team, restarted the wrestling team & also worked in youth theater on a few productions as a stage manager and acting coach.

Greg recently joined the Stafford Historical Advisory Committee & the Democratic Town Committee. Before the coronavirus swept through Connecticut, he was working as an Operations Manager in Manchester. As one of the half million residents directly affected by the coronavirus, Greg understands the struggles our families are experiencing right now. He is running for State Representative to ensure that our state begins to rebuild with the right, middle class priorities—healthcare for families, a safety net for those hit by future waves of this pandemic, and the rebuilding of our economy through investment in our small businesses and training at technical schools to build the best workforce in the nation.